This great thing happened today…

So today didn’t start out exactly as I expected, and differently not great!

My car was low on fuel I, therefore, made a pit-stop at a petrol station on my way to work. As I was filling the tank I discovered something really annoying, I was filling my car with gasoline and that is not clever when you drive a diesel car!

AAAARGH bummer! So had to get hold at a service company to come and drain the tank.

After a while the technician shows up – from here the day just became wonderful!

The guy, let’s call him “Mike” starts doing his job of draining the tank. We quickly started talking about this and that and within 10 minutes I told him about my passion for motivating other people, my experience early on in life that has driven me to that passion.

We started talking about mindset and state of mind, and how many of our problems, challenges and concerns are all in our mind. That it’s rarely reality but a product of our mind playing tricks. Mike’s shoulder and face suddenly drops.. I asked Mike:

“It seems like you know what I’m talking about, do you?” 

Mike knew exactly what I was talking about. A long series of experience had left Mike with a mindset full of disbelief and negative self-talk. All of which had zero basis in reality.

After a while talking about this disbelief, negative self-talk and the impact it had on him, I felt it was time to take Mike to a new place. I asked Mike:

“So tell me about what really motivates you, make your heart beat a little faster, and by the way don’t say money”

Mike’s shoulder popped back, his face came up with a big fat smile! He told me about his dreams and passion, things he wanted to do and achieve. It was a beautiful and empowering conversation. I truly felt Mike’s despair turning into a strong motivation.

We finished up our conversation discussing the power of our mindset and the ability we all have to impact, control and change what goes on in our mind.

Mike made a commitment -to himself- to every morning, conscious pick a state of mind that was motivating. He even found a way that would help him remember it every day and put actions to it!

We are amazing beings capable of greatness – If we put our mind to it!

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