We are all motivated by the same core values

“All human beings are the same. We all want happiness and do not want suffering.” 

Above is a quote from Dalai Lama. I read it many years ago, when I was tied down to a hospital bed with the prospect of never walking again – (Well that’s a story for another time).

From an early stage in my life, I wanted to understand my own motivation and  my will to survive with a positive attitude, no matter what fate threw at me and I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons. One of them dramatically changed my life and created the passionate foundation of working with people.

When I meet people and we talk about what really is important to them, what really motivates and keep them striving forward the most common meanings are almost always the same making no difference of status, culture, background or circumstances:

Freedom, Inner peace, Harmony, Good health, Security and Happiness

I know there are more but these are the most abundant core values I experience. Now, it’s not surprising in any way that what truly adds strength and profound meaning is how you utilise this insight. On our path through life, we will meet people we don’t understand, don’t see eye to eye with. We can’t get our head around why they do what they do or behave the way they do.

Now, try and meet that person with the open understanding, that deep down you and he/her are driven towards the same core values, motivated by the very same basic human needs. It is very empowering and will open your mind to see beyond personality and increase your cooperation with others resulting in increased  productivity and wider development.

If the above understanding is applied in a work environment, it will increase the speed of understanding and quicker identify the essences of challenges, therefore, objections will be easier to overcome. In our client meetings, it will also help to quickly identify  their true pain points and they will feel your sincerity and understanding of  their challenges . Resulting in deals closed rapidly based on long lasting relationships.

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